You are missing huge fun while not using subway surfers cheats

Subway Surfers is a great game! Some games released a few years ago didn’t age very well, but this one managed to beat the most of the new games with it’s popularity, simplicity yet addictivness. So what is it so addictive in this game? Before we talk about that, let’s talk little bit about the game. This game is endless running game, which means that you run until you die and that high score is important for your world ranking- simple. In this game you are playing as a Jake who is a default character. He is caught by policeman and his dog applying spray on the train and is forced to run from them. While running, he encounters many obstacles like trains, barricades and even moving trains. So here is the trick of the game, you have those pursuers plus obstacles, which really create that tense and immersive action. This game is bloody hard, and to make it easier, we are going to take a look at our Subway Surfers Cheats.

subway surfers cheats

To be able to effectively make high score, not only that you need to run long, but collect coins that are scattered throughout map. Our first tip would be to concentrate on collecting them, and risking hitting an obstacle, because hitting an obstacle doesn’t always mean that you’ll be dead. Sometimes, Jake can only trip over obstacle and continue running and in this case, policeman and his dog will be even closer to Jake, so space for mistakes is smaller. Another tip would be about power ups which are essential for a good run alongside good reflexes and overall skill. Some of power ups are jet packs, hover board, super sneakers and many more. For example, useful power up is a coin multiplier which unlocks the potential for multiplying all of the coins you pick. If you for example get 8X coin multiplier, one coin will be counted as 8. Great stuff! You’ll also want to make us of that jet pack, which is in my opinion one of the most useful power ups out there. When you pick jet pack, you are being launched in the air and can’t collide with any obstacle, but you can collect coins doing that. Ability to collect coins, and plus you can’t hit an obstacle- sounds great! If this seems helpful to you, you should continue checking out our Subway Surfers tips and tricks.

Be sure to upgrade your power ups. These upgrades are mostly about longevity of the power ups, and you can upgrade it with the coins you’ve picked up during the run. Depending on which level you upgraded your power up, it can last up to 3 times longer, making it perfect tool for making high score. If you are bored with your default character Jake, you can try and returning the date on your smartphone, to unlock some more of them. But it is important to mention that those characters do not possess any power ups or ability boosts, so it’s just kind of aesthetics here. Also, try to concentrate while playing this game, as it will most of the time require some pretty fast reflexes, so you don’t want to be caught off guard. And the last thing- if you are planning to download and play this game (it’s free), be sure to check our Subway Surfers Cheats and see how you can easier play it. Here, we mentioned all you need for beginning to make the most out of your game. Now, it’s your turn to get the game from Google Play Store and start running.


The popular RPG – review about Summoners Wars

Summoners War is the popular RPG game for android users and is a full strategy-based game. As per a reviewer online; this game gives the memory of old school type final fantasy series and is a very educational game for kids as well as youngsters. The game is PVE oriented, but the arena is where you can challenge other players. This monster collecting game has the unique leveling system which is enjoyable facilitating you to take 1 star monster leveling it up to the point when it becomes 6. There are 5 different elements in the game including, Water, Wind, Fire, Light and Dark which surround the 400 monsters. All monsters, whether same in appearance have different abilities or effects which can be upgraded. The game is highly recommended for playing as the gameplay and the graphics leaves you in awe.


Summoners War is the classic game with a lot of depth and many characters to see. This game offers many ways to battle and collect, whether it is going over the story, or the numerous dungeon levels it has. The nicely animated game is an interesting combat system and the summoner fighters are a wild combination of manga characters and monsters that work astonishingly well. A lot of scenarios are covered like dungeons, guild fights, arena fights and PVE challenge. A well balanced team is the one that supports each other all the time and rips unrelated monsters apart. The players step down into the valley of grind after reaching the volcano that is located in the midst of the map. The best and rarest is the natural five stars, but that is not the only best thing; there are sufficient substitutes to build a good-lookingteam.

This game begins on a floating island where a girl greets you; taking you through the lesson of summoning and fueling up the monsters. The interactive monster island is full of fun to play and the monster that you collect can roam around the island and can be picked up and relocated. Currency and prizes are liberally distributed during the game just to keep the players occupied. Five to ten crashes in a single day are very annoying for a regular player in grind mode. The free-to-play mobile application Summoners War concentrates on greed over mana crystals. It caused the world to break out into war and the only solution to that came in the form of settlling differences. Summoners War is selling or breaking point for most of the players and a ton of things are needed to collect and grind out from runes to awakening material. Monsters fluctuate greatly in usability and rarity from one star to five stars. It is the action-packed card game for 2-4  users acquiring the role of Summoners. The lustrous production values, tight core mechanism, addictive mixture of monster summoning features, and arena combat are good indicators that you have chosen the right way to go!